Nikko Toshogu ZOO

Nikko Toshogu Shrine, as a "zoo"

Enjoy Nikko Toshogu Shrine as a "zoo". Follow the route to see the animals.

Table of Contents

  1. Tigers at the Front Gate
  2. Animals at the Front Gate (except tigers)
  3. Komainu (guardian dog) at the Front Gate
  4. Monkeys in the Shinkyu-sha (God's Stable)
  5. Imaginary Elephants of the Kamijinko
  6. Lions Leaping on the Pedestal of a Group of Lanterns
  7. Flying Dragons in the Omizuya and Elephants in the Korean Bell
  8. Lions Leaping Over a Stone Fence
  9. White Dragon, Dragon Horse, and White Lion at Yomeimon Gate
  10. Dragon and "Iki" at Yomeimon Gate
  11. Birds at Yomeimon Gate
  12. Komainus at Yomeimon Gate
  13. Birds of the Corridor (1)
  14. Birds of the Corridor (2)
  15. Tiger at Shinkosha
  16. Dragon and Tsutsuga at Karamon Gate
  17. Dragon and "Soufu's Cow" of Karamon Gate
  18. Sleeping Cat and Sparrow at Sakashitamon Gate
  19. Komainu (guardian dog) on the Approach to Okunoin (the inner sanctuary)
  20. Bronze komainu and Shin (mirage dragon) at Inukimon (the cast-bronze gate)
  21. Crane, Turtle, and Lion in front of the Treasure Tower at Okunoin
  22. The Twelve Zodiac Signs of the Five-Story Pagoda

So, let's start!
Notebook of Yoji Mori, Janitor
The notebook left behind by Yoji Mori, who has taken up residence as a "janitor" at the abandoned school, is filled with interesting information and stories that may seem absurd.
Humanity is currently moving toward the "end of the world." How did this happen?
First, enjoy the environmental philosophy based on entropy theory, quantum theory, spirit-flesh dualism, and the interpretation of Genesis and Ezekiel in the Old Testament.
Then, while relearning the horrors of human history, we will get to the bottom of our modern society, which is being manipulated by fake information and information manipulation, and is pushing us toward a terminal situation.
How much is virtual and how much is real?
A new type of 21st century written entertainment has been born!
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